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"Table For One"

"Table For One"
by Bodean

Join The Vacation Nation!My lady says hey baby
Go easy on the drinking today
I know how you get, when yer going
And ya tend to get carried away

Well I know that it was wrong
When I signed up for the beer pong
Shooters at the pool just has a way to call me name
Oh now the Mrs., who hates to see me twisted
Is making me sleep all alone again

I'm awfully drunk at a table for one
Been drinking since the morning but right now I'm blaming the sun
I know the devil made me do it, but an angel poured the Appleton rum
So, I'm awfully drunk at a table for one

My lady says hey baby
Do you think you'll keep your promise today ( no way)
'cuz I've been dying to see more of the island
And I can't be dragging you around half in the bag

Every time your on vacation, you get so annihilated
You end up sleeping half of the trip away
And I'll always love ya honey, but we spent a lot of money
And I hate it when you can't even say your name


I know there won't be any way
She'll let me sleep off this here pain
Being up this early in the day
Makes me wanna do this again